He might lose advertisers over it. But what the hell good was it to be a journalist if you didn’t report the news of the world as you found it?

Photo by Himanshu Pandey on Unsplash

Jeremiah Madison Peach was not in the habit of considering the plight of the fat black flies that accumulated against his office windows on sunny afternoons, but he was in a contemplative mood these days. There were three tapping against the glass today, painstakingly surveying its surface millimeter by millimeter…

A poem, with a side of basil.

Photo by the author.

If it’s miracles you’re after,
then in the darkest days of December
purchase packets of tomato seeds
and hold them close, like holy cards,
and recite the litany of their names
as a stay against winter’s cruel claws:
Brandywine, Oxheart, Black Krim, Rosella;
Honey Gold, Pink Girl, Moon Glow, Tigerella…

Like Huck Finn, these independent spirits have found a home (and a little adventure) on the Mississippi River.

The Latch Island boathouse community in 1995. Image © Mary Farrell. Used with permission.

Soon as it was night, out we shoved; when we got her out to about the middle, we let her alone, and let her float wherever the current wanted her to. . .. …

Image by: Architect of the Capitol via Wikimedia Commons

God knows, we’ve fought enough these past few years — but for one night, we make a truce. A poem.

As darkness settles over the land,
we gather above the wide river —
some thousands of us Americans
come for Fourth of July fireworks.

Our long shadows linger in the last
light, entangling us with one another,
and perhaps with the shadows of armies
once encamped here, waiting for war…

Millions of Americans say they could justify violence in the wake of an electoral defeat. To stop a post-election nightmare, we need to act now.

Image credit: Delphotostock. Licensed from Adobe Stock.

Does anyone else wake up at 3 a.m. worrying about the future of democracy in America, or is it just me?

As I lay there in the dark listening to the snoring of our asthmatic dog, I find myself wondering what will happen in the aftermath of the November elections…

What if graduation rituals celebrate more than individual achievement?

Photo by Good Free Photos on Unsplash

My daughter wants nothing to do with her high school graduation: she doesn’t want to wear the cap and gown, she doesn’t want to take graduation pictures, and she definitely doesn’t want to participate in a ceremony. Luckily for her, the in-person ceremony was canceled, replaced by an online ceremony…

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